Ice Cream Event Specialist

Ice Cream Event Specialist

At your Event :

  • Farmhouse Ice Cream
  • Vintage Ice Cream Vans
  • Scoop Parlours
  • Vintage Coffee Vans

Who we are

Yarwood Events is a family owned ice cream and coffee business established in 1985. We have grown from a few ice cream vans doing the local rounds throughout Mid Wales and Shropshire, to an event leader in providing a bespoke service of ice cream and coffee at agricultural and high profile events throughout the country.

We have considerable experience in the Show and Event arena; ranging from Shows which require one or two ice cream vans or to events with over 100,000 attendance that require a large number of ice cream vans and /or a Coffee Trailers.

What we can offer you

A modern fleet of Farmhouse Ice Cream vans whether you are looking for 1 ice cream van or 25 vans for your event.

Professional set up and service throughout the Show - we are always on site.

Prompt payment - events are not cheap to put on and we will do all we can to work with you.

We do not subcontract - if you offer us the contract we do the contract.

Friendly, uniformed , experienced ice cream sellers and Coffee baristas.

Every Show is bespoke; we are flexible to provide the service that you require- WE WILL WORK WITH YOU

Quality products, using farmhouse, biodegradable & composable products. Catering for all ages and tastes. Ensuring vegan and free from options are always available.

Specialist Vintage
Ice Cream Vans

Traditional Dairy Ice
Cream Scoop Parlours

Vintage Coffee