Ice Cream Event Specialist

Ice Cream Event Specialist


Electric powered ice cream machines


  • Electric powered ice cream machines – this means the van engine doesn’t need to run during the day while serving.
  • We use HVO fuel = 90% lower CO2 emissions
  • Solar panels on the roof of our vans – not all of them yet but we are getting there… !
  • All freezers are battery powered.

Our Products

  • Ice Cream
    • Soft ice cream is 100% consumable and therefore no wrapping or waste !
  • Cups
    • These are vegware – plant based and fully compostable.
    • No single use plastics used at all.

On the Farm

  • Our farm has solar panels on the roof of the building which is used to keep all our ice cream cold, and run the whole warehouse.
  • All our cardboard is recycled.
  • All other waste is separated and recycled as much as possible.


Our coffee is part of the Roas-Tree Club.

They plant 1 tree for every 20kg of coffee sold

Our coffee comes from the Daterra estate who are part of the Roas-Tree Club. Daterra are the first coffee estate in the world to receive Level A Certification from the Rainforest Alliance. More recently, through the implementation of sustainable practices, they now sequester more carbon from the atmosphere than they release in their operations.

Their goal is to plant 20,000 trees by 2030